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Welcome to Banned Books, LLC, a publishing house where writers have rights: copyrights, distribution rights, and non-exclusivity rights.  Our goal is to offer publishing opportunities to writers in specific fields relative to Ethnic Studies, which includes most topics concerning African Americans, Spanish speaking Americans, Native Americans, and the various ethnic groups in the Caribbean.  Our authorial base is inspired by the provocative and the compelling. The texts we review and publish are often those overlooked or flatly rejected by mainstream publishing houses; hence the name: Banned Books. Banned Books knows that only patient publishers find gems, and like Alfred Knopf, who published Langston Hughes many times before Hughes made a cent, our objective is to find many gems.

Banned Books is not interested in much of what is seen in the "Black" or "Ethinic" sections of most commerical book stores. We are not interested in pubishing manuscripts with commentary on the latest "hood" escipades. We are, however, very much interested in connecting with writers, poets, and playwrights who present work that is not only interesting to read, but also thought provoking. Simply put, we are looking for manuscripts of poetry, fiction, and history, as well as scholarship, such as unpublished dissertations. When we determine which manuscripts to accept for publishing, we do not categorize them in advance, but use a wait-and-read approach unique to Banned Books. From reviewing and editing, to publishing and distribution, Banned Books works with the authors to assure that they get what they seek. We have learned what is important in this business from publishers of both trade and education, as well as by working hands-on as editors, desktop publishers, and graphic artists. These activities reassures our authors that publishing with us yeild results that are of the highest quality in both content and presentaiton. Banned Books is always looking for new author manuscripts-with or without copyright-for review. To have your work considered for publication, submit an abstract, along your name, any pseudonyms, your mailing address, telephone number, and self-addressed envelop for the return of your manuscript to Banned Books, LLC, 156 Meadow Court, Sinking Spring, Pennaylvania, 19608. We do not accept manuscripts via an attachment; however, we do accept 250-500 word abstracts of nearly completed manuscripts as a MSWord (any version) attachment online.

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Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania 19608

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