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Our Mission

Historical knowledge-our heritage, lineage, observations and experiences, and academic acquit ion, when and if to it attention is paid, causes and compels us to act, thereby, forces us to apply the new knowledge we gain to our life's work(s). Our social location, as both individuals and within the social group into which we are forcibly categorized, are absolutely relative to how we acquire, and correspondingly respond to and apply, new knowledge, thereby making new knowledge one of the few things in life that can rarely, if ever, be taken from us. It is imprinted on our brains; and therefore, our historical knowledge should serve a purpose, as we always have it.

Knowledge, however, is a double, sometimes thrice edged sword. It can not only take or preserve life, health, and culture, but as an informing agent, can also expand or retract new knowledge; thereby affecting perception and relative truths. For example, the life's work of David Walker (1785-1830) is the blueprint for the foundational ideology of Black Nationalism. Although a devout Christian, rather than blindly following the Western doctrine, Walker uses it as the frame within which he chastises "white Christians" for slavery and criticizes slaves for not resisting slavery en mass. Walker's knowledge compelled him to pen his 1827 Appeal. Within its pages, the Appeal demonstrates Walker's knowledge as an informing agent. Walker's knowledge-respect for his African-ness and blackness (heritage), his free born status in the era of slavery (lineage), his early nineteenth century travels throughout the American south (experiences and observations), and his ability to read (informal academic acquisition)-is what, in essence, writes the Appeal to the coloured citizens of the world is historically the location from which black resistance gained traction. Such applied knowledge certainly falls in the positive column. However, there is also the negative column overwhelmed with items that BlaqueAdemics determines to eradicate and it with this in mind that we function.

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